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About Us

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At Alpha Home Interior you could find the ultimate purpose of window, wall, and floor coverings. Apart from being stylish and elegant, the window coverings must provide privacy. It must provide variable light control. Insulate rooms against heat and cold. Block unwanted sunlight. Protect your furnishings from damaging UV rays. The best quality coverings could improve the acoustics in a room by absorbing unnecessary sounds.

Once you walk into our Alpha Home Interior showroom or arrange a visit with a shop-at-home Alpha Home Interior representative you will have access to our hundreds of beautiful swatch samples, and expert guidance to ensure that you are getting what you want without further delay. Our consultant will guide you to configure your custom order following your specifications. Since we always strive for the happiness of our customers, we could assure you the best service at a reasonable price.

Enjoy the innovative design, advanced features, and unrivaled quality that make Alpha Home Interior the brand of choice for dressing your windows, wall, and floor with style and flair.
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